TCS coding round 2017

TCS coding round 2017:-

TCS conducts written test and three rounds of interview to select freshers as assistant system engineer in their organisation.  In the first round they conduct one and half hour written test, followed by three interview rounds namely Technical round, Managerial round, and HR round. The written test has email writing component.

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This is a simulation of the coding test section that is being newly introduced as part of the online test in the TCS campus recruitment process. This link on Campus Commune helps you get familar with the coding assessment section.

Please do not consider this to be an actual representation of the coding assessment section.

Kindly note that certain keywords like “scanf, getc, getch, getchar” cannot be used while solving this problem.

Tcs open sesame 2017 important coding questions:-

1. Factorial of a non negative integer (sample question by TCS)

problem:- Write a C program to calculate the factorial of a non negative integer N. The factorial of a number N is defined as the product of all integers from 1 up to N. Factorial of 0 is defined to be 1. The number N is a non negative integer that will be passed to the program as the first command line parameter. Write the output to stdout formatted as an integer WITHOUT any other additional text. You may assume that the input integer will be such that the output will not exceed the largest possible integer that can be stored in an int type variable.


2. Binary to Decimal (Ask in Kolkata campus visit)

3. Check Number is prime or not

4. Check String is Palindrome or not

5. Decimal to bianry

6. Area of Circle up to 2 decimal place(ask in Luncknow IET)

7. Area of Triangle 


checkout video for command line argument input:-



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