Best Code Editors For Web Development in 2017

Best Code Editors For Web Development  in 2017 As web developers we have a lot of options for integrated development environments (IDE). These code editors make our job much easier. With so many options how do we know which one we should use?which is Best Code Editors For Web Development in 2017 ? For some people […]

Make Money with Google AdSense

make money on blogger with google adsense :- Google AdSense is a contextual advertising program that allows you to run ads on your website or blog, or YouTube videos, and get paid when when visitors click on them. The ads are generated from businesses that use Google’s AdWords program. The Google AdSense program has several great […]

{updated} Latest whatsapp feature in 2017

{updated}Latest whatsapp feature in 2017:- Today, whatsapp is very popular messaging app used over worldwide by millions of people.Despite its success, the Facebook-owned company has not become complacent and always keeps the competition on its toes by releasing new features every few weeks. 1. New revamped Snapchat-like Status feature Perhaps, one of the most important […]

how to prevent mobile phone hacking

In today world,we spend a lot of time in mobile phone.i’ll give you some tips to secure your data from hacking ans spoofing. Some Easy Tips and tricks to prevent your mobile phone from hackers Today mobile phone become the Primary target of the hacker’s and phisher’s attempting to access your private data. Emails, social […]

Find Your Lost Cellphone {Amazing Trick}

Find your lost phone using Google Find your lost phone using Google Administration tools, If you are unable to Find lost Smartphone and you haven’t loaded any app into your smartphone then you need not to worry as there is one method using which we can find your lost Android smartphone and that is by […]