5 of the Best Image Editing Software For Linux

Best Image Editing Software For Linux :-Most people don’t think of Linux as a great platform for image editing and digital art, but even though Adobe has never ported any of their Creative Suite to Linux, it’s still a capable operating system for creating digital artwork and working with images. These five tools provide artists […]

The 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments

Top 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments:- A desktop environment is a suite of tools which make it easier for you to use your computer. The components of a desktop environment include some or all of the following components: Window manager Panels Menus Widgets File Manager Browser Office Suite Text Editor Terminal Display Manager The window […]

5 Deadly linux commands list

Deadly linux commands Linux today is well known and well reputed one of the most powerful operating system. Linux user can perform numerous such tasks that a windows or Mac user can’t even imagine. Sometimes Linux can go extreme upto the extent that it can do serious damage to the system.   1.  rm -rf /  […]

Complete PHP Setup in linux

Install php and apache server in local machine:- php and apache server in local machine 1. Install Apache To install Apache you must install the Metapackage apache2. This can be done by searching for and installing in the Software Centre, or by running the following command. “` $ sudo apt-get install apache2 “` 2. Install […]